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I am dedicated to helping you best showcase your work and contributions in your respective academic fields.

Client Testimonials

"Sharon is extremely competent and efficient. She returned our work very quickly, and her edits made a huge difference to our manuscripts. She helped us to communicate our research accurately, clearly, and effectively. Moreover, her comments on content and coherence helped us to further improve our papers substantially."

(Professor, University of Fribourg)

"Working with Sharon took such a load off of my shoulders! Knowing that I had such an experienced professional to help me on my thesis and work through problem areas made the process much smoother. Sharon was easy to communicate with and worked with me on whatever I needed. Her knowledge base and easy-going nature made working with her a pleasure. I would definitely recommend Sharon to anybody needing editing assistance, in particular for academic writing and for thesis editing. She has been an asset to me in completing my graduate degree. Thank you Sharon!!"

(Master's student, Tel Aviv University)

"Since English is not my native language, I came to Sharon for help editing a research proposal for a postdoctoral position in Cognitive Psychology. Sharon edited several drafts of my proposal, at several different stages. I have always been satisfied with her work, which is rigorous, quick, and efficient. Sharon provided edits not only on spelling, grammar, and word usage, but also gave global feedback on content, providing me with sharp and critical feedback on the organization and presentation of my ideas. I highly recommend working with Sharon!"

(PhD graduate, University of Picardie Jules Verne)

"I have known Sharon for several years and have always been impressed by her endless curiosity when it comes to research, as well as her astute attention to detail when it comes to writing about research.

As I prepared my applications for doctoral programs, Sharon provided me with feedback on my materials -- I knew right then that I would be in great hands. I received back a draft with a side-column completely packed with feedback done by only someone who really has your best interest in mind. Sharon informed me of what to keep, what to take out, how to condense certain sections, what details needed to be added, and overall, how to most effectively sell myself and my qualifications to the programs I was applying to. Her feedback was tremendously constructive as it completely transformed my personal statement and curriculum vitae. I am sure that Sharon’s editing and proofreading of my materials contributed to my numerous doctoral program acceptances. Because of her sharp attention to detail, her commitment, and her unwavering professionalism, I recommend Sharon highly."

(Doctoral student, Texas Tech University)


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